how to feminize your man

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want to feminize my hubbys body and mind any sugestions that work ?
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  • this is somthing im am planning on trying im not sure if it works but there is some one els thah has posted who says it worked for her. I hope it dose work because would love to develope my breasts a little bit.
    • Let me add some more.. Hosts has some good pointers but beond that, Insted of shaving if you can afford it take her to a salon and have a full body wax, if not purchas an epilator. Hair removal may hurt like hell at first but it looks alot better in the long run. She needs to exfoliate compleetly every day and moistuerize twice a day. Have her shape her eye brows or have it done at the salon when she gets her hair done.

      Bra and panties are a daily must, Depending on where you live call around to the lingerie stores and see if you can take her in for a bra fitting. Pantie hose or stalkings with garter are the topping to femininity and they feel fantastic.

      Keep us informed of your progress
  • You can be more successful in feminizing your husband by incorporating many 'female' activities into his schedule.

    Having him pee sitting down.
    Having him wear panties or nylons
    Having him wear pink as much as possible.
    Having him cross his legs like a woman.
    Have him raise the tone of his voice to that of a woman.
    Have him express his emotions.
    To improve his gracefulness, have him practice yoga.
    Require that he drinks white wine and cosmos.

    If you are wanting to move him beyond just the routines of feminization, you can introduce elements of pegging... as that process progresses, his submission to those acts will surely create a submissive out of him.
  • Unsu...
    I was made to wear a strap on rubber/latex vagina/labia. It went over all my little male bits and looked all female. It went on with nylon laces that tied in the back. Once on, I had to sit to pee, had to finger myself to stimulate my clit cock, could even get fucked in it, but was told it looked better on than to fuck. It was embarrassing to have to go out in split crotch panties and show it, worse to let guys only feel it through a pair of panties and have them believe it was real but they could only feel it through my panties.

    Search online and you can find the place that makes them fairly easily.
  • Hubby eh, is he replaced? I get my feminizing meds online from overseas distributors like "Inhouse". First few months (6) I took a 100mg Spironolactone morning and evening to kill off the testosterone and a 2mg Progynova morning and evening (estrogen). After a few months (6) I cut the dosage in half because upper body mass (muscle)was shrinking, nipples and glans/breasts were budding (breast tissue replaces pecs) and yes indeed mens pants were starting to fit rather oddly due to increasing booty size. She will get that feminine little top/big bottom.------- Up to you how far you want her go but it can be a lifelong project - after a couple years her balls will be shrunken and probably past reviving but a couple mg of estrogen daily will be needed to keep her femme and not just neuter. Good luck but caution - you will have to get real men to do the manly things - even opening jars!
    • Hello All ~

      I also took Spironolactone, at first in small doses of the 25mg. pills, and worked my way up to the 100mg. per day. Those were big!

      Also, I used Estrofem (Oestradiol) for well over a year, starting with 1mg. per day and working up to 2mg., then tapering back to 1mg.

      Within a couple weeks I had breast tickling, then tenderness and then growth. It is years since I've taken Spironolactone and Estrofem, yet my breasts continue to grow and at various times of the day I can feel them swell like they are temporarily filled with fluid or something.

      I also have a booty, or big ass, for a male that looks totally different from real men.

      My testicles are quite small and I produce very little sperm. My goal (in years past) was to become completely sterile, but I changed my mind. During the mid-point of my dosing I had completely dry climaxes without any sperm or even a drop of fluid coming out. I guess that bothered me, even though I was “happy” when I finally achieved a dry climax.

      Keep up these doses for extended periods and you will most likely become sterile and non-functioning as a male. Oh, and I also lost about half-inch of penis length. That is gone forever.

      - Jim
  • Hi
    as a guy who at times found my high sex drive a problem, I have thought about ways and change of lifestyles that I could go down .
    Looseing my man body and become fem to a greater or lesser extent does apeal . Especially if my female partner was very much into it
    So body hair removal yes and chastity yes hormones yes . Living in as female environment as posible so no football beer few if any male friends . Reduction in male clothes but not to look like some half baked drag cross dresser. Having to do all house work cooking cleaning laundry . In our own home always in female clothing and chores done naked or in maids uniform. Strict observance of rules maintained with CP or other punishments. Old male name replaced with female version / derogatory names.
    I would like my increasingly domm partner to have a circle of female friends who are in on what is going on for several reasons. One the total immersion in the female lifestyle . Two if one women can be a bitch then a group can be realy inventive and really nasty and reduce any bloke to feel very humiliated . I experienced it with just two and I want it to happen again and I still get hard thinking about it .
    The possibilitys of having to
    • The posibilaties of having to serve a group are endless and also the opportunity to get at least some female hormones especially if they are taking the pill by having only their nectar to drink . Or they may get the pill but use other methods .
      The lifestyle I could forsee working would be to be pimped out as a cleaner to members of the group or as a commercial job doing domestic cleaning . So earning a wage but keeping none of it as all money would be colected by her . She could ask the clients if I did a good job . If there were any problems then some light harted comment about being punished for lack of attention to the job . Depending on the reaction of the client either letting it pass with a laugh or exploring any interest from the client ,could again open up possible interesting situations . The name of the firm could incorporate maid . The uniform could have pink in it but still not be obviously a girls . Though pink rubber gloves and dusters.
      I would like to be made to loose my beer gut and then as the hormones put fat on my hips and breast make me look curvy . Have you noticed how many guys have man boobs I have seen more that a couple wearing sports bras when jogging .
      I also would like her to use a strap on of increaseing size and in front of her girlfriends who I hope would like to take turns .
  • Two tablets daily of (white) pueraria mirifica, 350 mg ea., mfrd by Purafem. Take for six months and results should show. Enforce chastity so his testosterone is not stimulated during the treatment.
  • My wife started with the mind first, once she was able to control me with rewards and punishment the clothes and then the hormones. With proper mind conditioning the body follows easy.
  • I have just joined this site and would like to add, that he should be made to read nothing but ladies magazines all the time, no newspapers just ladies magazines. You could test him on some of the items in them even try the beauty tips. He should also carry them in a lady like mannor.
  • Read my blg my wife did it to me and I thank her everyday
    • would these make a manly man into a somewhat passable female? I mean some guys can look like girls with some makeup and a dress..while others look like drag queens. What of vocal? i try to sound fem but it comes out like im making fun of someones voice
      • I had a problem with this also when with a very hot Man I saw for a while. He'd only give me access to his dick if I femmed myself up as much as I could for him. Don't try so much to raise your voice all the time, just at the end of most of your sentences. Try softening your voice too. Never interrupt him. Watch and listen to some Lauren Bacall movies. A beautiful woman with a deep voice and a natural, easy balance of masculinity and femininity. I found her a good role model. Watch your diet and keep your body lean. Find lingerie that flatters you (I looked like a clown in anything but all white or all black combinations). He preferred passable which I was far from. But my lust for him and the effort I made turned him on and was enough. Good luck.

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