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Anybody into tucking your balls and/or penis? When I "tuck" my dick, I rolled it back inside its shaft skin all the way into the body. (Check out my photos.) I have been doing this 24/7 for the past few years and love the smooth look. I also really love the pressure tucking puts on the cock and balls.

Anybody else can share their tucking stories?
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    I do that almost every day, I love wearing tight jeans and pantys, like boyshorts from vs, keeps it all tucked and in place. . After all day tucked, I love watching my penis slowly pop back out from inside my body. Love the feeling, and smooth look in my jeans.
  • When you have an erection what direction do you point? Mine sticks strait up. I have tried to tuck the way you do but I am unable to do it. i have to pull my clit in between my ass cheeks and push my balls into my abdomen and hold in place with tight panties or pantyhose.
    • Hi Summer,

      When I have an erection, it points straight up. There is hardly any curve to it.

      It's not easy to tuck a hard cock, and it can be rather painful and uncomfortable. Before I took my chemical castration, I would wake up at night by painfully tucked erections trying to get out. After 4 yrs of Androcur, I now can tuck it 24/7 because it never gets fully hard.

      But somehow, I learned to tuck myself since puberty, and I even figured out how to roll my BVD's into tight g-strings just to keep myself tucked in all night. Of course, those days, if I did get erections, I would have to quickly release it, as the erections used to be so hard. But even then, I was determined to keep myself tucked. So once it got slightly softer, I forcibly tucked it back in.

      Just this morning, after being without any form or sexual release for about 6 weeks, I got my morning wood, which these days is just a fluffed up soft cock. It certainly stayed happily tucked, the cock curling around whichever way it could inside my body.
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        One thing that has helped me to achieve a good tuck is that over the years I have managed to detach the back side of the penis from whatever it is attached to. It is freely detached all the way down to the base just above the anus. You just have to keep prying away, slowly, and over time it gives. Doubt if this can be accomplished quickly except via surgery.

        This resulted in the appearance of an extended penis, although it never got longer, just more useful all the way down to the base. Now however, the penis practically disappears into the scrotum. Can't quite get the head to push inside out (not possible I guess),
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    Tucking was not something I sought or craved. After completing Everclear vodka injections into my balls my true craving (to be rid of testosterone) was accomplished.

    Initially I took a full daily dose of testosterone replacement gel.
    Then slowly reduced the dose over time.
    At the present time I am not taking T replacement.

    As a result penis has shrunk and it started to TUCK itself. (new phrase, go TUCK yourself).
    I still get night time erections from time to time, mainly I guess for involuntary bladder control.
    Once bladder is emptied, no more erection rest of night.

    Getting a voluntary erection is not possible now.

    Having seem photos of tucking I have experimented further.
    Even without the compression of briefs I remain tucked.
    It is not a sensual or erotic feeling or experience. All such feelings are gone with the loss of testosterone

    I do not want feminization, nor am I into looking , dressing, acting female.

    Not surgically castrated yet, but if and when that does occur, the tucking experience has made me think that it might be
    useful to have the penis detatched from its skin and detatched from the body and removed through an incision that
    is just below the scrotum and just above the rectum. A new pee hole would be made there. All of the penis skin would remain intact.
    Unfortunately I was circumcised, which really annoys me that my parents let the doctor do that. How archaic; to think some idiot cut off my penis skin and destroyed it before I had a chance to decide whether or not to keep it should be criminal.

    Never envisioned myself being interested in being a nullo, but thoughts change once there is no testosterone in the veins.
    While these thoughts are fantasy now, my thoughts of being castrated are almost realized at last.
    Well, I'm not castrated, but I am a eunuch, and for now that works.

    If I am able to get balls and penis removed I would leave all the skin intact, at least for awhile.
    Would prefer to experience that, and if it was a problem, then easy enough to remove skin.
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    hello there
    YES YES YES you know it I do the same but cant tuck 24/7
    love to pus the testies up (wish they were gone ) and tuck the clitty under mmm feels so sexey

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