I feminize men..

topic posted Tue, November 24, 2009 - 5:09 AM by  La Reine
I feminize men i recently started as i had a few requests from men to help them with such things .. now i force them as well .. see me on youtube.x.Mwah.
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    Tue, February 23, 2010 - 3:23 PM
    My Wife/Mistress requires me to dress in female clothing at all time when home, and treats me as her wife. I wrote this short atricle about one night in our lives together

    I awoke this morning and, I'm still totally turned on by what my Wife/Mistress did last night... still in a subspace/worship state of mind. I want to touch her, kiss her; but I can't; Mistress needs to sleep, she will have to get up soon and get ready for work....

    The night before Mistress had informed me that she did not like it when I wear men's clothing at home, and instructed me to be dressed in my pink skirt, white blouse, bra, pink panties, and white stockings, and have the bathrooms scrubbed from top to bottom before she came home the next night.

    When Mistress arrived home I was dressed as instructed, the bathrooms were spotless and dinner was ready to serve. We ate dinner together and then I served a small dessert I had made earlier in the day, and then cleared away the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. You see I am Mistress's wife. We talked about her day for a bit, and I changed into my nightie and went to bed.

    Mistress joined me a short time later. When she climbed into bed she pushed her 10" strap-on against my leg, and began to kiss me, told me I had been a good girl, as she pushed my hand down to stoke her cock, one end goes inside her, and my stroking causes it to rub her the right way. I nibbled and sucks her breasts while I stroked her, until she told me to be a good little wife and suck her cock as she pushed my head down. As she pushed it into my mouth I could smell the heat of her passion, which sent me into sub overdrive, after all my purpose is to serve Mistress and to bring her pleasure. After a while Mistress asked me what I wanted her to do next, I knew she want to take me, and I wanted to be taken, and I moaned "fuck me". Mistress took me face down, telling me she loved me, loved my submission, and loved to fuck me like the hot little wife I am. I spoiled my nightie when I came, while Mistress's hips slammed into my butt, making sure she gave me every inch.

    Afterward I curled up against her and for a long while I kissed her neck, caressed her body, and told her I loved her and would do anything for her; she said "I know" and drifted off to sleep.

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