A use for my penis

topic posted Tue, July 31, 2012 - 11:55 AM by  Willy
Misty has found a use for my penis. She had some friends and my coworkers over Saturday night. She had me dressed in the usual (stockings and my CB6000S). I served everyone drinks, and once the group was all there and relaxed, Misty brought out a new item. She had a dildo with a tube running out the back that was attached to a male external catheter. It looks like a condom with a place for a tube on the end, and the tube connected to the dildo. She unlocked my chastity cage, and with a little grin said "you've been waiting a long time for this, sweetie" as she lightly stroked my penis. I had already been dripping pre-cum and I began getting hard almost instantly. She put the external catheter against my penis head and began unrolling it over me. Then she put the dildo in my mouth and instructed me to suck. I could feel the pressure of the vacuum created on my penis as I sucked the dildo. She then invited anyone who was interested to stroke "her lil clit and make her cum in the tube". Everyone laughed, but then my cousin Amy got up and said "I'll start". She grabbed it and began jacking me off. I got very hard, but I was blushing bright red, and I was so embarrassed. I couldn't help it, I was so ready to have some relief after 30 days of chastity, I pushed my pelvis towards her hand and moaned with pleasure. Then the receptionist from my work, Andrea, took a turn. Everyone was laughing and anticipating the conclusion. Then people began lining up to take a turn. Everyone wanted to be the one who finally made me orgasm. I tried to think of something else, and each time They would stop and the next person would start I got a little break, but I couldn't help getting closer and closer to climax, and I could tell it was going to be big. The whole time this was going on, Misty was slapping my ass and telling me to keep giving the dildo head, and even pushing it in and out of my mouth. Finally I couldn't hold back. I began to cum, and I got weak in the knees, and feel to my knees trembling. Then the chants started, "suck, suck, SUCK, SUCK IT SISSY". I wasn't all that interested in sucking it, and was ready to just relax, but that wasn't the plan. Misty grabbed me by the nut sack and said suck up every drop. I began to suck the dildo, and the cum began to rise higher and higher in the tube until my warm cum was pouring out into my mouth. I began to gag a little, but the cheering and laughing crowd, including my wife kept saying "swallow it all". I did as I was told, and in front of all my coworkers, friends, and family I sucked up all my own cum. Then misty said "there's still some in the tube, clean it out with your piss". I had no choice. I peed in the tube and sucked it clean and dry. At least my wife allowed me to cum, and showed me a little attention. I love her more than life.
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