Herbal Feminization

topic posted Fri, December 26, 2008 - 11:50 AM by  Foxy
I have been on a program called "Flat-to-Fem" for just over a month now, and I am seeing lovely results!

My breasts have swelled in size (about 1 1/12 inches so far) my hips have picked up some padding, and my skin is so soft! My libido has actually increased on the program.

My topic is this, have you used a feminization program? Did it work? What has and has not worked for you?

Flat-to-Fem says it takes 2 years to see full results. The program states that it's results are not as dramatic as taking hormones, but that says that it will not cause sterilization or penis/balls shrinkage.
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    Re: Herbal Feminization

    Tue, August 30, 2011 - 4:56 AM
    My husband has been on pueraria for almost a year and half, and hes just starting to fill out his b-cup bras. Also has much softer skin, hair really shines, and no more of those nasty spontaneous erections. I think hes probably shrinking down there actually. google it and see for yourself.
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      Re: Herbal Feminization

      Tue, August 30, 2011 - 4:58 AM
      sorry thats pueraria mirifica, in too much of a rush this morning
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        Re: Herbal Feminization

        Sun, June 10, 2012 - 1:48 PM
        I'm using Pueraria Mirfico (tablets,cream and Serum) just a couple of months I'm already showing signs of breast improvement, have also started on Estrogen/Oestrogen gell this week. Hopefully this will help reduce my male genitals and slow down my male urges.
        My owners ultimate goal will be to remove my testicles and cut my penis down to about an inch skinned, just leaving a little 1 inch clitris/knob end. making me a feminied nullo.
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      Mon, December 5, 2011 - 2:44 PM
      That is Wonderfu;l Christina! would Love to correspond with you about Male Femninization. I do a Blog that advocates for Male Femininity and the Empowerment of Women. I would Love to have your Input. Could we please correspond using a Regular E-Mail Address? My E-Mai Adress is Hope to hear from you! Male Femininity is a Growing Trend but it needs the Support of Women to excelerate!

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    Tue, August 30, 2011 - 8:07 AM
    I'm going to put my sub on fenugreek to see if he grows breasts. I'm actually using pills called Motherlove More Milk Plus, which contains fenugreek seed, blessed thistle, nettle, and fennel seed. Has anyone used this before?
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    Wed, August 31, 2011 - 12:40 AM
    Looking at the flat to fem site there is little other than advertizing. The most effective herbs that I have used are Hops 21g a day in capsale form and Pueraria Mirifica - liquid and creams applied transdermally. Surprisingly, female hormone treatment vai a transdermalm Sandrena, did not provide better effects. Males who try to develop breasts will on average achieve a cup swize less than their mother of sybling sister, regardless of what they take or use, short of implants. IF one develops milk breasts will naturally increase in size to accomodate whatever milk is produced. For my part continuing breast milk production was to time consuming, although the exercise to find out if it was possible was interesting.

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