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Does anyone use a breast pump? If so, what brand or device do you use? Does that help increase your tit size? And has anyone tried fenugreek to make your tits bigger?
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  • I use a double electric Medula. I have not tried Fenugreek, which purportedly has minimal effects. If you pump for extended periods, you may get results like I did. Nipple size when pumped runs triple normal size. The larger size reverts to normal levels. If you pump regularly, your new normal levels will be bigger than previously. If you pump on a baby feeding schedule, you may develop milk production at some minimal level after six months or so. You really have to be dedicated to g that route, as it is extremely time consuming. At best I got a thimble of milk out of the best producing breast. You might find that cupping sets provide similar results over an extended period of time. Remeber to release the pressure in the cups to avoid blistering. Using cupping you can eventually stretch your nipples quite far out, but keep in mind that once stretched they are not going to revert to what they were before you went that route.
  • I did not use any tools. I just took some Motilium, prescribed by my doctor to stop my nausea, and before I know it, I felt my nipples aching to grow, and now they are constantly standing up.

    What I really want is bigger areola. Hate having bulging nipples with hardly any areola. What to do? Any suggestion?
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    You can try a couple of things more powerful than fenugreek. Pueraria mirifica is an herb from Thailand that is 10's if not 100's of times more estrogenic than soy and other phytoestrogens. It definitely works for many, but not all people. You can also try bovine ovary extract. Many men have reported significant increase in areola and nipples followed eventually by breast growth with BOE.

    If you want to use suction (pumping), skip the lactation breast pumps and check out any of the setups made specifically to help increase size such as the Noogleberry. There are others and you can even make your own vacuum pump from certain models of aquarium air pumps for lots less, then all you would need are the breast cups which should be able to pull in your entire breast, unlike a lactation pump. Also, you will need to commit to pumping for the long haul, like a year or more of daily or twice daily pumping to see permanent changes.
    • Wow! Thank you for all this information Christina. I'll definitely check out Pueraria mirifica. I've heard that bovine ovary extract can cause breast cancer (at least in women). Do you know anything about that?
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        Because my husband was taking pueraria mirifica for so long, I did a bit of research on natural breast enlargement (NBE.) Women and men react very differently to the various methods of NBE (herbal, glandular, hormonal) and have very different levels of risk for things like cancer as well. Interestingly enough, more men have success growing female breasts than women have enlarging what they already have. My understanding of bovine ovary (BO) is that it does contain bovine estrogens and progesterones in addition to other hormones and hormonal precursors thought to affect the process. So, for a woman, adding exogenous estrogen my significantly increase her risk of estrogen-sesitive breast cancer, whereas in a man who doesn't already have as much estrogen being produced in his system, it will not have the same risk. I have read, and this is the experience of a couple friend of ours, that it will permanently alter men that take it: they will essentially become female, in that it helps the male system become "re-wired" to aromatize testosterone to estrogen, they loose all male function and become sterile, and most grow breasts and achieve a more female-like fat distribution. At least that's the theory of proponents of BO for men.

        Just be careful what you wish for.

        Good luck.
        • Indeed! Thank you for sharing your obvious vast knowledge on the subject. Can you recommend brands for BO and peuraria mirifca? Surprisingly, there are a ton of different brands available on the internet.
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            Many have reported good results with Swanson's BO, and I understand it is considerably cheaper than something like Transfemme or Bountiful Breast which are essentially the same thing. As for the PM, all PM is grown in Thailand no matter who is selling it, but look for farmed cultivars, not wild grown and harvested. I would also recommend you stick with pure PM, and not some of the formulations that include lots of other herbs. You are just getting lots less PM per capsule, and usually paying lots more. That way you will also know exactly how much you are taking and be able to adjust dosage up or down appropriately. Some time ago, we started filling our own capsules which has cut the cost by half or more. Of course you have to invest in a manual capsule filler, but those are cheap on

            Also, from everything I have read, avoid companies shipping products from China, or that were formulated in China. There are a number of Pueraria varieties that have been used in TCM for other purposes, that do not have the same strength of phytoestrogens as the mirifica species. In asia the genus is known as kudzu and most of what you can buy under that name is NOT PM, and most of what you get from China, even if it says it's PM may be one or more of the other species of kudzu.

            That being said, there are a number of companies that satisfy those requirements. In the US, where I am, I use Ainterol ( since they have the option to ship from a State-side distribution center and avoid any potential customs delays (can happen when PM is shipped from thailand.) Others folks have recommended in the UK. It really depends on where you live as to who will be able to ship it to you the fastest.

            Good luck.

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