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I'm interested in knowing small feminization steps that are gradual, yet cumulative in their effect. What are incremental things I can do that of and by themselves are not noticible, but when added together they start to have a feminizing impact. I'm especially interested in ideas from women.
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  • I've never done this, but I think under garments is a logical place to start. No one can see or tell but the person wearing them. Add some eyeliner or mascara. Maybe start off with a more masculine heel and work into women's heels. Subtle stuff. Training bra. Pierce his ears. Make him wear a pad in his panties. Girdles. Moisturizer. Lotions. Manicure. Pantyhose.
    • As I sit here in my panties and sports bra I wonder ifbi can wear the bra under my tee shirt in public. I lovecwearing panties and bras and anything feminine even towearingva pad in my undies and have worn a tampon in my asspussybtoo. I love to be used by men as a woman.
      I have worn stockings, pantyhose, garters, half and full slips, dresses, wigs, makeup.
  • I started off with panties then with panty hose. Since I started with the panty hose I have learmed that come guys wear them while working outdoors during the winter because they are warmer on the legs. Anyway, I ended up wearing dresses at times. Most of this has been out of curiosity and love it. You may also want to consider a Scottish kilt before a skirt or dress. Basically a kilt is traditional Scottish clothing worn by males to identify a clan (family) name, military unit, etc.
    • Panty hose cut into your waist. I wear either a garter belt and hose, or thigh highs. The best site I have found for these is Their prices are reasonable, and they hae a wide variety of Denier, so you can find as sheer or as opaque as you need to for the daily work world. (I usually wear black 50 Denier by Falke and to the outside world, they just look like very good men's dress socks.)

      The trick about wearing a bra at work is to either keep your jacket on, or wear something baggy, like a sweater. Otherwise, the straps (and particularly the back band) tend to show. I mostly wear shelf bras - my nipples are large anyway, so a shelf makes them more prominent. My female friends seem seem to prefer that.
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    My mistress has instructed me to wear panties, 24/4. At first I was uncomcomfortable but have become accustomed to wearing them all the time. I am no9w schedule for a body shaving. I have never worn nylons but she has mentioned those down the road.
    I now accompany her to the beauty parlor and on female clothing shopping sprees.
    There is an exciting change coming over me.
    • Biggest problem with panties is things tend to fall out of the leg bands on each side. Boyshorts eliminate that, because they are cut with more width through the center. You can get really comfortable ones in silk and nylon if you shop around a litlte.
  • i would as most here said start one off with undergarments and slow alterations such as a full body shave, in front of me, of course. Then I begin the anal training to see where he is in taking anal penetration. Makeup is a must but only a small step at a time. I may even start him on estrogen if he is likely to be didicated enough. This is easy to do but no anit-androgens. After all I want his cock to work when I want it to. I also begin basic training on disipline with simple things like establishing what he can and cannot do. Adding this together is a great start to feminization a male.
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      personally I just love wearing panties,they look and feel great,takes stress away a nd I care of a ladys feelings a lot more.this is as far as I,ll be feminized,i,m a straight male who loves women and is glad to make them happy with tongue or penis.
  • My mistress started me by making me wear stockings and suspenders for love making. After a time this was extended to the period leading up to lovemaking. She then made me put on make up claiming that she loved the taste of lip stick.

    I am now fully shaved, dressed and made up for the evening most weekends.
  • Hm, I'd say that really depends on where you are at the moment, where you want to have him/her at the end, and on the both of you's personal interests/likes/taboos/sexual openness/kinkiness etc.

    If you're living a 100% vanilla life up to now, you could start with the following changes:

    - Have him sit down to pee. Justify it wth hygiene and cleanliness. Start out at home, and over time make sure he sits down always and everywhere. If he ever pees in the wild, in the end he should also squat down here, and not pee standing up (To not mess his trousers).
    - Let him know that you don't like his armpit hair, and make him shave it always and regularly (complain about stubbles, make him have it smooth all the time). After some time, extend it to his back, then maybe his chest etc. Also, care about his face, if he doesn't shave there already.
    - Make sure that he spends much more time and effort with body care, like removing the dirt under his nails (ugh) properly, cutting his nails nicely. After some months you could introduce him to shape his nails with a file (excuse: looks much more cultivated) and to pluck his eyebrows somewhat (not in a feminine way, of course; that would be too fast. Just so that it looks nice and pretty and well-groomed).
    - Introduce him to domestic chores (if he doesn't do some already) or slowly increase his share (Excuse: You're busy at work at the moment and have not so much time). Make sure that over time he learns about cooking, washing, ironing, folding clothes, cleaning etc. After some time, make him feel like the both of you are doing the equal amount of house work (but of course you don't).
    - Take control about your sex life. Always deny his attempts, and use sex as a "reward" for his good behavior, well-done domestic chores etc. Of course start out slowly, but make sure he understands that the probability of having sex depends on whether you are happy, and that he can influence your happiness greatly by his behavior (Sex is a massive, very powerful tool to influence your man. Use it wisely, and you'll soon notice the desired changes). Slowly increase the hurdles for him, so that he has to improve more and more in order to have sex with you.
    - Always see how he reacts, and adapt your measures accordingly. If he reacts well, chances are good he's a "true" submissive.
    - Go out more often. Make new (male and female) friends, go out with them regularly (Excuse: Busy work life, you need some more social life. Maybe your hubby could play PlayStation with one of his friends whilst you are out?). Have them over for dinner, and have a laugh with a man, whilst your hubby just sits there quietly, for example (you know what I mean; he shall get a somewhat "weird" feeling, but without feeling betrayed or becoming jealous). After a year or so, focus on male friends. Leave hubby uninformed about where you are going with them and what you are doing. Beware: Be very cautious with this step if your hubby is jealous.

    That should be enough for the first year or so. After this time, he should have come to terms with these changes, and you can start with more "drastic" measures, like:
    - Introduce him to chastity. Maybe you can start without a device. For example you could tell him that you're sick of his masturbation, and that you forbid him to play with himself. Extend the control over your sex life; allow sex by your rules only by now. For him, "behaving" now also includes to not masturbate and to not nag you about having sex.
    - If you feel that he has a submissive streak and is "ready" by now, start "punishing" him. Don't start with whipping or so (of course); for example, pretend that you'll have sex, but instead bind him naked to your bed, tell him what he did wrong, and then e. g. twist his nipples, pinch his balls etc., until he apologizes properly and begs you to stop. For this measure, it would be good if you had introduced bondage to him beforehand (sex only by your rules, remember?).
    - From now on he should keep his body completely hairless. Maybe introduce him to waxing (of course, as a caring wife, you just want to help him) or epilating, also exfoliating (excuse: ingrown hairs) and skin lotions etc.
    - Maybe you could have done a professional pedicure/manicure to him (excuse: he just has to improve his skills, so he must watch and learn how it is done properly). Make sure that in the nail studio they use clear nail polish, and that they explain to him that he has to file properly and to use clear nail polish by himself, because it hardens the nail or something. They are professionals, so he would have to believe them.

    That's a basic schedule on how you could start. Of course it mainly depends on what you want to achieve and where you are at the moment. You could be much more "strict" and straight-forward, but I'd recommend this much more psychological attempt if you haven't experimented with your "kinky" side before and/or are not sure about how he feels about feminization.

    Let me know if you have any questions here. Also would love to discuss this issue with you any further, and/or to hear your "success story" ;)

    Best wishes

    • I forgot: It would also be a good idea to give him a proper "environment", i. e. to give him more than only you as "guardian".

      What should be done is to slowly but surely break up all connections to his (male) friends and replace it with some of your very best female friends. Give him the feeling that your friends are "our" friends, and make him feel comfortable and beloved inbetween them.
      It would be good to have at least one friend you could talk to openly and inform her about your full plans with your hubby, i. e. feminizing him; however it should also be sufficient to not explain them everything. Just make sure that they help in your hubby's education - but without him knowing at first.

      You get the idea: When you have them over for dinner, you women could talk about your husbands and what you like and dislike about them, and what you would want them to do. Just so that your hubby sees that "all women" think the same about it, and that it would be right to follow your wishes and wants. For example, compliment your hubby for always sitting down to pee - whilst embarrassing for him at first, he will soon feel proud about it when your friends also compliment him for that. Or, proudly mention that he supported you greatly and did a lot of domestic chores recently when you were so busy at work.

      When you have made some progress, you could also think about having your best friend "babysit" your hubby whilst you are going out with your other (male) friends.
      • Hi I would definitely say the more feminine the environment the better in every way possible. That why I find you get to think like a woman quite quickly. So only womens interest magazines no foot ball on tv . Only pink stuff in bath room, down to his tooth brush and toiletries.
        Of course make him do all house hold tasks cleaning cooking these can all be done in femme or humiliating clothes.
        Stop or severely restrict all contact with his male friends , if its not possible then only when supervised by you or a girl friend.
        I think it essential that one or more of your girlfriends knows what is going on . They can help with supervising him , and making sure that any punishments are tremendously much more humiliating when done in front of your girlfriends and probably they will want to join in
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    1-Wear thongs or g-strings always (beach and day a day)
    2-start depilation (laser) first, groin and armpit , then legs, arms.........until erradicate all the male hair.
    3-Use femenine sandals in summer. (thongs sandals, slim havaianas etc)
    4-very slowly start doing eyebrows until they are pencil thin.
    5-in summer use femmenine shirts and shorts

    After this steps he will stay prepared to do whatever you whish
    • I originally started with herbals years ago. Recently started full body shaving once a week. Got wig makeup and heels and sissy garmets. I wear panties and thongs daily now and dress up regularly now to entertain men. I'm ready to take the final step to make me become a full sissy.
  • I started hubby off by making him shave his entire body completely. Next came the panties. He must wear them at all times. Then we started doing the eye brows. Then the nails, no color, just well kept and a clear coat. These are the everyday things.
  • You're question is great, and something I work on a lot for myself. Nowadays there's a lot of stuff that can be considered unisex that was previously considered more feminine. So basically, a dress or a skirt are too obvious, but a blouse or a cardie will probably get a second look, but still not cause a scandal. There is a fine line between a man and a woman's briefcase or sachel, choose accordingly. I myself have got myself into a routine where I never leave the house if I'm not wearing a ladies cardigan. When possible I'll wear a fitted tshirt underneath. And if I'm feeling brave I'll add a brooch. Or an AA cup bra. Posture can help too. Legs crossed. Passtimes as well. I recently started reading a novel where the focus is a knitting store, the themes tend to be less macho, and it's actually quite a good read. I bought myself some needlecraft books as well, and my wife is going to teach me crochet. I'm tempted to wear a floral perfume, but haven't tried yet. Any one of these alone doesn't warrant attention. Together it's an indictment!
  • Start with small things like nail care hair care body hair removal the way he presents himself then once he took that all well and done then you start with bigger things like slowly remove his male clothing from his belongings with the excuse that they are grows and needed to go. Then you start with putting panties in his drawer replacing half his male ones with them and if he dont say anything over time keep getting rid of them and all the wile of doing this find a way to get him to take estrogen be it hidden in his food or drink or better convince him its a vitamin and he needs it daily to be healthy so he will take it on his own. Once its undeniable that he is becoming a woman ask him what he has been doing make him think that he truly wanted this make him think that this was subconsciously done by his body and that if he is truly a woman at hart then he needs to take on a woman's life and take responsibility for it and chuck out all his male clothing by then his hormones will control him more and you will have to work to get him in a dress and a bra the bra should be before you bring his world down with the excuse that it will takeaway the pain he is having in his breasts/chest once he is willing to have it on always you jump into the hard part of making his life a womans.
  • Hello
    I have read and agree small steps are needed to obtain the goal.
    I have searched for a decade to find someone to take me under there wing and start me off into total feminisation, I considered corset training, but yet again I need assistance to tighten and keep re-lacing.

    I know this isn't the norm, but would love to find a partner to coach me and to totally transform me.

    Guess I should sign off and hope I receive some replies atleast.

    Kris xx
  • I have just joined this site and hope this topic is still open as I would like to add, that he should be made to read nothing but ladies magazines all the time, no newspapers just ladies magazines. You could test him on some of the items in them even try the beauty tips. He should also carry them in a lady like mannor. This something my wife has me doing at the moment.
    • I have not been castrated (YET), I wanted to lower my sex drive (my wife has a very low sex drive)and began taking small doses of estrogen and an anti-androgen. In my experince (I beleive everyone is different, age and genetics are key factors) It did not take long for my breasts to begin to develop. When you feel discomfort around the nipple and hard spots under the nipple you will realize your breast are growing. When they are growing and sore you will find comfort wearing a bra. I am now a B cup and have tried several times to stop taking estrogen. I think estrogen is addicting because after a few weeks of stopping a really miss it and I now realize I feel much better when I am taking estrogen. In my case my penis and balls have NOT gotten smaller even though I wish they would shrink or totally disappear.
      Now my male sex drive is lower, however I am very submissive love cross dressing and I am a true bottom that's loves to get pegged. My wife is completely not interested in sex anymore and I wish I was with one of the women on here that wants to feminize their male mate.
      Message to the men here -- Be careful with the Hormones they can and will change your mind and life.
      I believe I am just beginning my journey.
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        could you please tell me the drugs you took and their associated dosages? i was trying to find out where i could be castrated before taking them
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    can i take large amounts of hormones to speed up the breast development and secondary characteristics of taking female hormones and anti androgens? is there any health risks attached?

    i am a newbie to this but i desire to grow my breasts and see my body change.

    i have heard some much about body hair thinning and body shape changing, is any of this true????
    • Start taking Estrogen (Estrofem tablets 2mg twice a day) in about 3 months you will feel breast buds. If you want to shutdown your testosterone (Chemical Castration) take Cyprpterone Acetate. Depeding on age your erections will be gone in about 3 weeks. You can easily find this medications without a script from overseas pharmacies. Good Luck and be careful.
      Taking for then 6mg Estrofem in a day is not recommended. You body can only process so much and the excess will just go out as waste.
      With all meds their are risks, please do you research. Their are some excellent yahoo groups which discuss these subjects.

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